Conventional kitchen designs, typically made with stone and natural wood, making way for sleek, modish modular kitchens are growing more popular in Indian homes. They refer to a set of ready-made kitchen modules which can be custom designed according to the utility and space. The choice of the modules of the kitchen like cabinets, accessories, countertops, appliances etc. outline the price of the kitchen.

Often homeowners are hesitant to head in for these smart kitchens due to their steep pricing. Following a basic checklist, we will assist you to freeze the specifications and achieve a budget-friendly modular kitchen design.

We, Kuvio Studio, comprising a team of one of the best interior designers in Bangalore, will help you understand how to effectively design a budget-friendly modular kitchen that can be fully functional, voguish, and elegant too!

Ultra-modern and smart budget-friendly modular kitchens can be easily designed with modest and conveniently available choices without compromising on aesthetics and magnificence.

Here are some budget-friendly modular kitchen designs from Kuvio Studio to inspire you.

This white-themed space-saving budget-friendly kitchen is suitable for studio apartments or a 1BHK. The kitchen is small but highly functional and sophisticated. The infusion of the dining area with the modular kitchen gives this a serene and complete look. The kitchen has been designed using budget-friendly finishes like laminates.

The kitchen spreads out positive vibes with its cool summer carefree look and white sober tones. The addition of a black countertop as well as the square-shaped pendant light is nothing but an added bonus within your budget.

You can blindly trust the combination of wood laminate and a shimmering countertop, there is absolutely nothing that can go wrong in this contemporary kitchen. The kitchen is lightly packed with bottom cabinets, and special thought has been given to managing the ample space to keep the kitchen breezy. The slight touch of corner shelves and the seating area makes it anything but a dull old-fashioned kitchen. A tall multi-purpose unit with overhead storage, seating space as well a gadget area bring out the grand palette.