FCA Dwaraka nath Acharya,Bangalore

We were looking to renovate our Kitchen by replacing the old outdated cupboards cousin referred Mr Anil of IBuild . The renovation was not a preferred option for many famous designers either they flatly refuse or after knowing the scope of work they simply refuse to answer. Even lcxal carpenters in our area refused to take up though advances are paid . For the last two years it is waiting for execution and we due to advanced age were finding difficult . Though I have done for my tenanted properties in a aeshtic and ambient way well appreciated by tenants , unable to do to my own house . Anil had come as a messaiah and had a couple of interactions of our expectations . A very quick interchange of designs and on consensus, moved forward . We completely relied on them in trust and on deliverables. Anil started executing project with great focus and not taken even advance ! Their team comprising Of Pooja,Govind and Raj Kumar & others are simply superb . We are so happy with final outcome . Wood of high quality for kitchen for long usage . Hetich tandem boxes and ancillaries are used for free flow and long lasting . Many minor issues also attended by them with patience and great deliverables Also dispelled the myth that Mysore designers can not be relied on execution time lines . Neighbours started appreciating and enquiring about I Build shows its classy execution and he started working similar renovation to my neighbour . I strongly recommend for their high skill sets,executionary capability and usage of quality of materials , I am already thinking Of them for my new flat in affluent gated community in Hyderabad – FCA Dwaraka nath Acharya,Bangalore .