Veneer Cabinet Finish Wardrobes

The bespoke nature of our manufacturing means that you can select from our specialist materials for the carcass of your cabinets, to fit any budget you may have in mind. Nevertheless, whichever material you choose, the quality and aesthetics will be absolutely second to none

Alternatively, if you are looking to really push the boat out in the material specification, we can construct our carcasses from our finest 18.7mm real oak or walnut veneered birch ply.

No matter which carcass material you opt for, all of our kitchens are supplied with our hand-finished, solid oak or walnut drawer boxes, showcasing the high specification and joinery expertise seen throughout our products.
Of course, you are not limited to choosing just one of these material options for all of your cabinets. If you are looking to reach a certain budget, you could choose to have some units in Egger and others in Veneered Birch Ply. For example, a lot of clients choose our fantastic Egger option for their drawer stacks and reserve our birch ply for more visible units such as their larder or any open-shelving units. All of our cabinets are completely made to order, so the choice really is up to you!
If preferred, we can also construct our cabinets from 18mm Exposed Birch Plywood. Although this option is not offered in our extensive online library, please let us know if you are interested in this route and we can provide you with a quote accordingly. Kitchens manufactured from Exposed Birch will be supplied with drawer boxes and other accessories also made from Birch Ply, ensuring a sleek and consistent look throughout.