Modular Kitchen Interiors in Mysore | How to select right material your kitchen

Modular Kitchen Materials

Best material for kitchen cabinets

Raw materials depends mostly on the kind of cooking involved in the kitchen, In general kitchens are of 2 types, wet and dry.

Indian kitchens are mostly wet kitchens due to the kind of cooking involved.

For wet kitchens we recommend to use waterproof plywood, Water proof plywood also called BWP ( boiling water proof ) ,BWR ( Boiling water resistant) marine ply and 710 grade plywood

What is marine plywood?

Marine plywood is Layers of wood approximate 3-4 mm thick is sandwiched with grains running alternative to each other using phenol formaldehyde as glue.

Marine plywood advantages

When water spills on a cabinet during cleaning and cooking the marine ply can resist water upto period of 72 hours, thus saving the cabinet from spoiling.

However if water is stagnant for more than 72 hours the plywood may absorb water and bulges and loosed its strangth

Alternative materials for modular kitchen cabinets

Materials like WPC-Wood plastic composites, HDHMR –High density high moisture resistance resistant, Stainless steel can be used