The Imagination to a Comfortable yet Luxurious Solution for Your Space

Choose what to plan your design around

In this stage, we start from realizing your thoughts, design expectations, and imagination to a comfortable yet luxurious solution for your space. As every space needs a unique interior design solution, we are here to help you to find creative yet functional solutions at the most affordable budget through our best Interior designers. It’s always a remarkable and smart idea to choose what things or objects, furniture, or even floor coverings to plan your needful interior design around. The items you select should ideally be in the style, which inspires your choice of decoration.

Customer profiling: 

Here we top interior designers in Mysore like to start with the client, what they want, what are their family and individual needs, This stage will give us the idea of our client likes and dislike so that we can provide an effective and suitable solution to their needs which will not only be profiling to understand the project in detail but to land a middle ground to work together in future and results will be outstanding.

Take the proper measurements of your space:

The best interior designers take the measurements of your space and mark them out on a piece of paper. Then, add the required shapes of your furniture in order to find their suitable placement in the place, keeping in mind how people will move around the place, which should be more convenient and peaceful. That is the reason we are called the best luxury interior designers in Mysore.

Point out the best natural lighting & incorporate it with our designs

Identify the source of the best natural lighting in your space, either from doors or windows, in order to point out where to incorporate additional artificial lighting.


This is the most important thing and this stage is to choose options for a design package because now the client is clear about the design Process and our professionalism in everything that we did to design your place according to your style and choices. The best interior designers will customize the budget according to your needs.

Selection of materials

The selection of materials according to your taste and need is among our topmost priorities. We will suggest a selection of materials and products for you to choose from. We will guide you in every step of selecting colors and materials to textures and finishes. After all, this is finalized then we move on to the final stage of selecting materials and products for the project.

Hopefully, this article has answered some of your questions about the best interior designers in Mysore. So choose the best interior designers in Mysore- i Build Interiors and get the best interior design services with a pocket-friendly budget.


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Offer remarkable design services:

Interior designers in Mysore offers the best and most unique designs solutions, we at i Build Interiors believe in giving high-quality services no matter what solution we are offering we ensure all of them are top-notch quality let it be a residential, commercial, office or may it be corporate or retail we will ensure the project completion from concept to finished project. And we make our designing process and strategies and work with you keeping in mind your requirements and budget. We are famously identified as the renowned commercial interior designers in Mysore.

Define a clear design objective:

Getting a clear objective correct at the beginning of the design process is important to successful finished results. Following a process makes us understand the client’s lifestyle and put their choices in a unique luxurious living environment. We believe in every project being one of a kind, to ensure the quality of services we follow some important steps to realize the concept into a living dream promptly. From modular kitchen to living room interior design and every corner of space we create new and unique ideas and make your space more elegant. Here one can get the best kitchen interior designers in Mysore.

Our best interior design services will ensure a balanced space, which will be cozier and functional side by side. Our team is here to help you throughout the design journey, as we are the best interior designers in Mysore we always focus on our client’s happiness and satisfaction. Our sophisticated design ideas and excellent work strategy make your home makeover project a fun, enjoyable, and successful adventure.